Shuibei is a station on Line 3 of the Shenzhen Metro. For more details view the ExploreShenzhen interactive Metro map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Shuibei
Chinese (simplified) 水贝
Located on Line 3

Map of Shuibei

First train/Last train

Photos near Shuibei

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  • 2L1A0450 2L1A0450
  • 2L1A0443 2L1A0443
  • 2L1A0438 2L1A0438
  • 2L1A0452 2L1A0452
  • 2L1A0455 2L1A0455
  • 2L1A0454 2L1A0454
  • 2L1A0453 2L1A0453
  • 2L1A0456 2L1A0456
  • 2L1A0459 2L1A0459
  • 2L1A0461 2L1A0461
  • 2L1A0457 2L1A0457
  • 2L1A0463 2L1A0463
  • 2L1A0462 2L1A0462
  • 2L1A0468 2L1A0468
  • 2L1A0471 2L1A0471
  • 2L1A0476 2L1A0476
  • 2L1A0475 2L1A0475
  • 2L1A0482 2L1A0482
  • 2L1A0480 2L1A0480
  • 2L1A0481 2L1A0481
  • 2L1A0483 2L1A0483

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